Dear Diary...
August 19, 2022
Not much to report here, but I felt like writing something and I haven't written anything here in quite a while.

I've been experiencing a bit of "crochet fever" recently and haven't felt much like coding (* ^ ω ^). My mom taught me the basics when I was in elementary, but I never really got into it because I thought it was too tedious and boring an activity. But I've been it enjoying it very much recently after making a Yoshi amigurumi (pattern) for my friend's birthday. Looking at the finished project and thinking "I made that" seems to have flipped the crochet switch in my brain. I've even added a link for a future crochet page... I started making a carrying case for my 3DS last night as well as several little flower appliques. (If anyone's curious about the case, I didn't use a pattern but just made a chain long enough to wrap around the width of the 3DS, joined the chain into a round, single crocheted around until I had the height of the 3DS, made a closing flap by building up single crochets on one side, then sewed the bottom closed. Later today I plan on going to the craft store for some buttons to make a closure for the flap and sew on some of the appliques I made.) Since then, I have been brainstorming patterns for things I want to make that I can't find patterns for online. After the 3DS case, I think I'll try making more amigurumis because they're just so stinkin' cute♡. Specifically, I want to make amigurumi dolls of my favorite characters that I can't buy merch of, like Garry from Ib and Phoenix and Miles from Ace Attorney. I just finished writing down my makeshift "pattern" for Edgeworth's cravat XD.

In other news, I found out more about my classes this coming semester since the courses have been posted on canvas. I found out that the computational linguistics course I enrolled in is actually just a straight up coding course... oops. The professor seems pretty chill though so I'm not too worried about it. The class is mostly using Python, but looking at the syllabus, there will be a week where we cover HTML \(≧▽≦)/. Meaning, I will know what's going on for exactly one week and then be confused for the entire rest of the semester (─‿‿─). Though I do find it somewhat daunting, I am truly excited to take a computational linguistics course and learn about something that's completely new to me yet have been eyeballing for a while. I'm hoping this course will help me figure out what particular branches of linguistics that I can pursue career-wise besides my main linguistic interest, sociolinguistics.

August 2, 2022
First entry whoop whoop! I won't be posting anything that would go in my "real" diary here since I don't want my personal life on the internet o_o. This diary is more of a place to write out some thoughts and share about the things I'm doing and what I like.

I can't wait for classes to start again. I really miss talking with my professors and walking around campus as lame as that sounds (walkable cities my love). I do diddly squat in the summertime, especially now since most of my friends in college live a few hours away. Sometimes I feel that I'm wasting my "teenage years" and skipping most of high school didn't really help... The most exciting thing I did this summer *drumroll* was getting the Shark Week slush at Sonic. But classes start again in a few weeks so I don't have to wait much longer! I've made a bit of a resolution to myself to make sure I attend club meetings and other campus gatherings this semester. I live off campus so I need to make sure that I put in the effort to socialize and make friends. That means I'll be on campus for about 7 hours most days on top of an hour commute each way (T_T).

I've been playing Persona 4 Golden a lot recently, and I'm excited to post about it fully on my (soon to be) games page! My friend recommended me this game because it's his favorite and I've wanted to play some of the Persona games for a while now, so I went ahead and started it way back in March (I think?) and.... about 10 hours in and I was bored as all get out. I didn't play it for a while and thought I would just wait for P5R to get ported to PC (and now that's actually happening (╯✧▽✧)╯). But I'm so glad I kept playing it because I love it so much now. Whenever I saw posts and articles about P4G it was often ranking it as the worst of the series or just recommending that new players start with a different Persona game. And, honestly, I can kind of see why. The "vibe" seems very different from the other Persona games, having a more light-hearted atmosphere (take this with a grain of salt since I've only seen trailers and reviews for P3 and P5 and haven't played them myself, and I started P2 Innocent Sin only yesterday (⌒_⌒;)). A small detail about this game that makes me love it just a little bit more is how it captures the growing up in a small town experience so well. The main crew meeting up at the local supermarket to hangout because there's no where else to go? Very true. Anyway, I don't want to write about it too much here since I'll be writing about it on my games page once I finish it (or maybe earlier, who knows).