Hello!\( ̄▽ ̄)/ Welcome to my website! This is my first time building a website, so please bear with me while this site goes through a multitude of changes (and will probably be under-construction for some time(⌒_⌒;)).

After browsing all the incredible sites on neocities for months, I finally decided I wanted to create my own corner of the internet as well. This site is something I started just for fun and to have a space to talk about my interests, post journal entries, and hopefully learn more about the old web and coding. The name of my site is a lyric from the Mountain Goats' song, Wild Sage. It's also where my screen name is from.

After deactivating all the social media accounts I had about half a year ago, I found I still wanted a place on the internet to "socialize" and talk about what I like. Ironically, social media wasn't cutting the proverbial mustard in the social department, so I looked around for alternatives and found neocities. After spending some time learning about the old web itself and HTML, I started creating my Web site.

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